UK product, Cauli Rice, debuted in the United States in December 2016, yet this product has not yet become available at a major grocery retailer. This may be changing in the near future.

Jin Jing Zhao with Kroger is authoring 3-4 of the Cauli Rice items in P3 of 2018 – slated for the conventional Dry Beans & Rice commodity. Kroger may end up being the first major grocery retailer to market in the US with the brand…if that is, Wegman’s doesn’t beat them to it!

This product is a low-calorie (only 50 calories per serving) rice alternative made from fresh cauliflower grains. It is free from gluten and preservatives, and lower in calories than rice, potatoes or pasta, containing 75% less calories than white rice. The product is microwavable in two and a half minutes, and retails in a 200g pack. It is also a great product for diabetics.