People love food—that is not a big secret. Around the world, many consumers regard food as more than simple sustenance—they see it as a critical component of their overall quality of life.

When a business gets food products onto store shelves and into the shopping carts of customers, the revenue potential can be staggering. Of course, convincing retailers to stock products requires considerable time, skill and effort. This is where food brokers and grocery brokers come into play.

Food brokers can be viewed as agents or talent scouts for the grocery industry. They help brands connect with retailers, negotiate deals and much more. They allow vendors to keep up-to-date with market trends and maximize profits.

Here are a few ways brands can benefit from a strong relationship with a food broker:

  • Connections: A skilled, established food broker has developed and maintains important relationships with leading grocery retailers and smaller specialty stores. These connections help brands get their products in the right places quicker and for less money.
  • Marketing Assistance: Large retailers often have personalized marketing programs, and before closing any deal with a vendor, will require assurance that the vendor’s products will align with these programs. Today’s top food brokers can operate as a sales and marketing agency for brands by helping vendors position products which are in-line with plans and targets of retailers carrying the goods.
  • Sales and Distribution: A food broker ensures that products get from the warehouse to store shelves as efficiently as possible. Additionally, a food broker can provide recommendations regarding distribution and product assortments.
  • Competitive Edge: Knowledgeable food brokers provide clients with a unique advantage over the competition. They can provide valuable insights into industry topics and trends and give vendors an inside track.
  • Sophisticated Tools: Top food brokers not only provide connections and know-how but also empower vendors to do more on their own. For example, certain brokers have developed advanced platforms which enable clients to analyze data more effectively and make better decisions.

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