Plant Based Attribute, SPINS TUS MULO, 52 weeks ending 01/27/2019

What once was only considered fit for the Natural channel, Plant Based Foods are growing in Total US MULO.  Although Plant Based Positioned food/beverage items are 18% of the attribute’s total dollars, which includes NOT Plant Based positioned classification for understanding attribute nuances, overall growth is at 11%.  However, not all Plant Based items have success, as SPINS Brand Position Groups indicate below.  For example, putting “Plant Based” on a Conventional item’s label doesn’t ensure it will grow.  See chart below:

Further, top Categories with Plant Based position coding show significant variance dollars and growth.  See chart below:

Dairy and Meat lead this trend, however, as mentioned prior, Plant Based on a label isn’t a guarantee for success. Categories like Shelf Stable Plant Based Milks and Frozen Entrees have seen some decline (combined -$6.8MM at -2%).

For more insights on Plant Based Foods, visit SPINS’ Blog post from last year about “Plant Based Brands Center Stage at Good Food Financing & Innovation Expo 2018”