Dog/Cat Foods & Treats, SPINS TUS MULO, 52 weeks ending 04/21/2019.

For Dog & Cat owners, their pets may eat better than them.  Natural pet foods are on a growth trajectory, with Natural Positioned (NPI) products having strong dollars growth at 20%, for $316MM variance dollars.   Conventional Positioned products may have slight decline, but this translates into -$256MM in variance dollars!  Specialty & Wellness Positioned products have the steepest dollar decline, at -17%, or -$32MM.  Maybe Fido and Whiskers aren’t “foodies,” but just like their food.  See chart below:

However, not all NPI items have success, as SPINS NPI Brand Positions indicate.  Pet owners are buying the best for Fido and Whiskers, with Natural Standards’ variance dollars and growth the highest by far!  Meanwhile, Conventional Natural and Naturally Perceived have declines.  See chart below:

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