As summer is approaching, people want to enjoy a summertime favorite, Ice Cream!  The Conventional Positioning group has the most variance dollars with modest growth performance.  Not too far behind in variance dollars, is the Natural positioning group, which has the second highest growth rate.  The Specialty & Wellness positioning group has the best growth rate but with the lowest variance dollars.  Of note, is the combined variance dollars of the Natural and Specialty & Wellness positioning groups, being over $100M of the Conventional positioning group.  Also, with over 2X the growth, it reflects the trends in ice cream.  See chart below:

A growing option in the category is Plant Based Ice Cream.  Although Plant Based does not have the variance dollar volume it does have slightly better growth.  See chart below:

For an interesting article from SPINS (with a trendy brand) on adjacencies in the ice cream category, click here: