Antioxidants, namely vitamin A, C, & E combination, are a known functional ingredient that has developed across more than the traditional category of supplements.  The health benefits of antioxidant attribute items show in SPINS positioning groups where only Natural and Specialty & Wellness have items.  Antioxidant functional ingredient products have modest growth with the Natural Positioned group but seeing the most variance dollars.  Specialty & Wellness Positioned items have about $100K less variance dollars but with a much higher growth rate.  See chart below:

Antioxidant functional ingredient items are seen across many categories. Juices and Functional Beverages has the highest variance dollars and solid growth.  Other categories various performance levels along with much smaller variance dollars.  Also, not all products with antioxidants are a given for performance, as Wellness Bars & Gels have significant declines.  See chart below:

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