Alternative Meats, SPINS TUS MULO, 52 weeks ending 04/21/2019.

For the grilling season, it’s not only meat lovers that can enjoy the barbeque.  Alternative meats (here, types suitable for grilling) are seeing the most dollars growth in SPINS’ Natural Positioned (NPI) products at 9%, for nearly $22MM variance dollars.  Of note, the Natural Standard items within the NPI are driving all the dollars growth.  Meanwhile, Conventional Positioned products are flat, while Specialty & Wellness Positioned products have decline.  See chart below:

Also, refrigerated alternative meat grilling product types are driving all the dollars growth while frozen products of the same types are flat or have decline.  This follows the trend where brands are offering “fresh meat like” products compared to traditionally frozen “meatless” items.  See chart below:

Ever wonder about the diets of folks not eating animal products you throw on the grill?  For a related SPINS take on this, visit here: