A sizeable portion of the buildup in trade receivables can be attributed to the growth of unresolved customer deductions and invoice disputes.  Let’s face it, deductions are a part of doing business in the CPG industry. Our job is to minimize the impact of deductions on our clients’ bottom line.  We manage that process from end to end.

In collaboration with our customer service team on the front end, we have won numerous “best in class” awards throughout the industry.  We have an average 21 year tenure on our deductions team and they live, and many times develop, “best practices” for deduction management every single day.

The deductions team has experience with a multitude of deduction software programs, including, but not limited to; Demantra, Carixa, Siebel, Blue Planner, Salesforce, DemandTec and Microsoft CRM just to name a few.

The Impact Group deductions department provides:

  • Deep knowledge of each retailer’s deduction process
  • The role distributors such as UNFI, KeHE, Super Value, etc. play in the deduction process
  • Dedicated claims analyst that focuses on the client
  • An impressive timeliness rate (.05% – 45 days) of all related deductions
  • Portal management for matching back-up claim documentation
  • Client Manager sign-off based on market strategy
  • Claims management through our clients’ AP process
  • Tracking tool for accuracy of deduction origination and resolution

You can count on us to fight unauthorized deductions, so you keep the profits you’ve earned!