Impact Group has a history of working with brands of all different sizes and stages in their growth process. We have helped many of our clients experience unprecedented growth during our representation of them. The heart of Impact Group is to drive change and be innovative. Therefore, as a company, we have made the decision to invest in and develop emerging brands by creating an Emerging Brands team.

The purpose of the Emerging Brands team is to identify, vet, pursue, and incubate early-stage remarkable brands. These brands have the potential for substantial advancement through capitalizing on the ongoing shift in consumer preferences. This team is the ‘R&D for brands’ arm of Impact Group.

Impact Group’s vetting process criteria is used to make sure that it will be a beneficial relationship for both Impact Group and the potential client. Some of the criteria we assess is:

  • Brand alignment to industry trends and ability to disrupt category
  • Current growth rate with emphasis on item productivity
  • Largest customer analysis and ability to replicate
  • Alignment with Impact Group growth strategy
  • Quality and experience of company leadership
  • Financial health and backing

If you have a remarkable brand that you would like to get in front of our Emerging Brands team, please complete the Request for Representation form here.