Office Highlight – Arlowe/International Bazaar/Sourcing Solutions – Dayton, OH

Our office highlight this month features our Arlowe/International Bazaar/Sourcing Solutions office in Dayton, OH. Yes, you read that right, there are three companies located in one location. The Dayton office is a very different business model than our other offices. It is not your typical CPG brokerage firm but rather a logistics and supply solution for vendors and retailers. Below is a quick summary of what each company is and what service they supply. Believe it or not, they do all of this with a staff of a dozen people. Many of the team members have been there 15+ years and really are like a family. That’s what makes this office so special. Thanks Dayton office for all you do!!!!


Arlowe is a consolidation company that allows Kroger to consolidate loads of smaller specialty brands that are lower in velocity for shipment to their various warehouses. The advantage of this is that Kroger has one truck pulling up to its dock to unload an entire truck of multiple brands instead of 25 trucks having to make separate appointments with the warehouse, and each one unloading only a couple of pallets. Time and cost savings makes this service an asset for Kroger and the vendors.

International Bazaar

International Bazaar is a small specialty foods brand that is currently mainly distributed in Kroger. This brand was formerly owned by Kroger and was sold to HHRK several years ago. The three primary products in the line include minced garlic, artichoke hearts and Hungarian paprika. Excellent, quality products.

Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing Solutions is a brand-new venture for our company. Sourcing solutions will be a one stop shop for retailers by providing them comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective solutions for building their store brands. Their global connections are unsurpassed and although they offer a variety of products their core areas of expertise are Olive Oil, Coconut Water, Artichokes and Organic Chocolate. Look for a lot of exciting news from this department in the near future!