Listed below are changes being made to integrate the grocery department buying between New Seasons and New Leaf Markets. After acquiring New Leaf in late 2013, they have been working towards operating as one company and working on synergies to maximize efforts in buying and retailing grocery between the two brands.

  • Buying Staff: Their Buyers are technically called PCM’s. This stands for Program & Category Manager. All PCM’s will be buying their categories for both brands.
  • Michelle Berman: Michelle is relocating to Portland and will be in our office there full time January 2nd. Michelle will be buying half of all dry grocery categories. Here is a list with assigned categories for Michelle.
  • Ryan White: Ryan will be transitioning from perishable grocery to dry grocery and will be buying half of all dry grocery categories. Here is a list with assigned categories for Ryan.
  • Robert Johnson: Robert will be taking over perishable grocery (less frozen food) company-wide, and commercial bread for Portland/Seattle.
  • Kara Bonney: Kara will stay in our Santa Cruz office. She will be buying frozen food and bulk food company-wide and commercial bread for NorCal. Kara will also be the Nor Cal grocery contact and will be working closely with the Portland buyers to execute all buying decisions for the New Leaf stores. Kara will still handle all small local Nor Cal vendors. She will also continue to manage all local products carried only by New Leaf Markets. Since category reviews in Frozen and Bulk are limited, Kara will meet you in Portland for these reviews.
  • Category Reviews and New Items: Here is a new category review schedule for 2018. You will work with the appropriate PCM above on all category reviews. The PCM’s always have the authority to bring in items off cycle.
  • Vendor Day: They want more face time vendors and want to have more meetings. Of course, time is limited, and they will make appointments per your request when they are able. They will also reach out to brokers when they want to see any of our vendors. They are reserving all Thursdays in 2018 as vendor day. This is to make the best use of time with appointments being made directly with the PCM’s now and going forward. All manufacturer appointments will be kept to ½ hour. Brokers can schedule more time based on the needs to the business at hand.
  • Lisa Mullen and Joel Dahll will continue to manage the entire department. Joe will sit in all vendor/broker meetings with Kara and Robert for the foreseeable future.