The health benefits of CBD in food, drink, and beauty products continues to drive innovation and new patents in the CPG industry through 2020. Consumers are turning towards CBD products to alleviate stress, reduce pain, and improve skin health. From 2011 to 2019 the CPG market witnessed a rapid growth in patent activity, a clear indicator that consumers are hungry for new products and CBD claims across a wide variety of CPG categories.

Mintel reports that the U.S. leads new patent activity with 14% of new CBD patents. “Although the majority of CBD-based ingredients are used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their medicinal effects, patents related to the use of CBD in food, drink and cosmetic/personal care products for health and wellbeing have recently increased,” states Mintel.

While food and drink continue to expand in the CPG category, CPG infused alcohol is making interesting new claims. Mintel reports, “Recent patents claim that CBD, when combined with alcohol at a specific concentration, reduces the after-effects of alcohol consumption.” A granted patent, filed by inventor Bradley Michael Bohus, claims that cannabidiol enriched vodka composition can lessen headaches and nausea.

As we enter 2021, consumers can expect to see a continued influx of CBD claims and products throughout a variety of categories. The biggest barrier to CPG patents remains regulatory restrictions. As Mintel recently reported, “Continuous advancement in scientific developments to explore the new benefits of CBD on human health have the potential to help the CBD industry to flourish, but regulatory hurdles will always remain as a barrier in some markets.” It seems that as the science around CBD improves and state regulations loosen, 2021 could be the biggest year for CBD yet.