Shane Wright

Chief People Officer

Although Shane went to college to become a City Planner specializing in Parks and Recreation planning, he took those skills and instead went into the Human Resources field. The same skills that it takes to plan parks and recreation for cities translates surprisingly well to the organization of people within companies because both are focused on quality of life and happiness of individuals.

Currently, Shane Wright serves as Chief People Officer for Impact Group. This new position for the company is meant to show a strategic shift in how Impact Group thinks about people, culture, and enterprise value over the long term to move beyond what is thought of as traditional HR. Shane is a high energy Human Resources executive with over 20 years of experience in leading large HR organizations, such as Albertsons, in various functional areas. He has the unique ability to set a long term strategic vision and create actionable plans to drive and achieve high performing sustainable results.

Shane grew up in a small town in rural Eastern Oregon named Halfway. Interestingly, it was also the first .com city in the U.S, when the city accepted an offer to rename itself as for one year. Google it if you don’t believe us. Outside of work, Shane is married to Stacey, who is a healthcare provider. They have two children, Elle and Rafe. Shane enjoys the great outdoors (hunting/fishing/camping/hiking) and spending time with family and friends. As a multiple Ironman finisher, Shane embodies the work hard – play hard mentality.