In a rebrand that reflects our extraordinary growth and diverse reach, we are now officially Impact Group. You’ll notice a fresh new look and exciting opportunities for your CPG brands – but what you won’t notice is any change in our outstanding service, commitment and integrity. We’re here for you like always – and now we have even more to offer!

For more information about Impact Sales’ transition to Impact Group and the additional possibilities it offers our clients in the CPG industry, continue reading below.

Impact Sales Becomes Impact Group

BOISE, Idaho (March 9, 2017) – Impact Sales, a leading Idaho-based sales and marketing agency for companies in the consumer packaged goods industry, announced today that it has changed its name and branding to Impact Group, better reflecting the comprehensive nature of its offerings and the services it provides, including the launch of its own in-house Marketing Services Department, an industry first.

Founded by Claude See in 1994 as Impact Sales, Inc., the company has expanded through internal growth and multiple acquisitions with headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and 18 additional field locations throughout the U.S.
“We are excited to present the new face of our brand to the world and to our clients,” President and CEO Carl Pennington said. “No other grocery brokerage company compares to Impact Group when it comes to our far reach and versatility in representing the CPG market, and our new identity better reflects the incredibly broad scope of our personalized client services and leading technology offerings.”

Impact Group’s new Marketing Services Department is a unique addition to the brokerage industry, providing a “one-stop shop” for order fulfillment, creative services, marketing distribution and more. The addition gives Impact Group a valuable extra resource to offer clients.

New executive talent that has joined Impact Group for this transition includes Thomas Hicks, President of Sales, Sandi Gonzales, Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Vandervelde, Director Corporate Administration, and Brigitt Montes, Vice President Innovation and Integration. Along with the new name, logo and look, Impact Group has also adopted a new tagline that summarizes its purpose: “We elevate remarkable brands.”
“It’s the perfect way to describe what we do,” says Pennington. “Our clients have some of the most amazing and well-respected brands in the industry, and we get to take the technology and expertise we’ve spent decades building and use it to ensure they are placed for maximum exposure and raise them even higher.”

About Impact GROUP
Founded in 1994, Impact Group is a leading sales and marketing agency, providing sales, merchandising and category analytical support to companies in the consumer packaged goods industry. Impact Group has nineteen regional offices throughout the West and in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has established strategic alliances with independent sales and marketing agencies in the Midwestern and Northeastern United States. Impact Group represents over 14,000 products, and is partnered under its banner with previous acquisitions New Connections and Harlow-HRK.