Impact Group Seattle was awarded Regional Broker of the Year 2017 by Fresh Gourmet.

It was presented to Glenn Backenstoe, Senior Client Manager, but it was awarded to the entire Impact Group Seattle team. There are many people that were a part of this achievement and deserve to be recognized.

First, we would like to call out our Regional Manager with Fresh Gourmet, Bob Waldusky.  Bob has always been a driving force behind our successes.  Without his guidance and support, we would have never been able to achieve this prestigious award. His involvement at each of our customers has laid the foundation for our success! Truly he is the standard for all Clients in how to be a True Partner with us here at Impact Group.

Florina Ruvio from Customer Service.  Florina keeps the orders on track and dealt with many issues in regards to getting the product on time to our customers.

Charlotte Hood from our Claims and Deduction Department.  Charlotte has been instrumental in getting the deductions cleared and through the system to keep our spends accurate and timely.

Jackie Chapman for getting all the contracts out in a timely manner so we did not miss any promotions and were submitted to the accounts with a very high degree of accuracy.

Wayne Kennedy for supporting all of us across the West and bringing our Retail personnel to be the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY!

Jodie Swanson, Retail Operations Manager and Dave Davies, Retail Sales Manager for coordinating the retail objectives on all Fresh Gourmet items in the Market Place. Both of these individuals were instrumental in keeping the focus going with our Retail Team.

The entire Retail Team for making this brand a high priority every day!!  Without these people we could never achieve the goals and sales objectives for Fresh Gourmet!!  My personnel thanks to Bill Brazier, Danielle Welcome, Josiah Young, Steve Wrangler, Cindy Cogley, Helen Hopkins Hubbard, Christine Findley, Kristie Tisdale and Amanda Wedgeworth.  All have been instrumental in our successes and have taken this brand to a higher level in the stores. You Folks are the best in the business and we would not be here today without you all bringing your high standards to your positions each and every day.

The efforts of all these people resulted in Impact Group Seattle finishing the year at $2,484,825.00  for a + 7.8% over 2016!!  And not to stop there but for the first quarter of 2018, we are at a + 15.6% over same time frame for 2017!  We are well on our way to achieve even higher numbers for this year!

To all, congratulations on achieving this award from Fresh Gourmet!!!

Bob Waldusky, Director of Sales with Fresh Gourmet, presenting Glenn Backenstoe with the award for “2017 Regional Broker of the Year” for Impact Group Seattle.