During the first weekend in January, the Harlow HRK team participated in The Fit Expo Los Angeles. Harlow HRK has been supporting this event with Ralph’s since the LA Fit Expo first started 7 years ago. John Neeper and his stellar team work with the Business Manager team, vendors we represent, and the Ralph’s division to create a unique collaboration and awesome team building. This event always has a tremendous turn out and allows for excellent direct consumer contact.

At the event, there are 15 vendors, including Simple Truth. Out of the 15 vendors, we represent 8 of the brands:

  1. Pop Chips
  2. Lifeway
  3. Cabo Chips
  4. KIND Snacks
  5. Late July
  6. Brew Dr. Kombucha
  7. Pirates Booty (B&G line)
  8. Numi Organic Tea (JM Smuckers line)

For our team, it is an exhaustive but enjoyable three days. It begins with the team setting up all of the vendors booths on Friday. During the event on Saturday and Sunday, our team supports vendors with more product, ice, trash, etc. At the end of the event on Sunday, our team also helps with clean-up and tear down.

We are thankful to have 7 associates involved in this year’s event. They are listed below along with their number of years they have worked EXPO:

  1. John Neeper – 7 years
  2. Richard Barrera – 5 years
  3. Jeremy Neeper – 3 years
  4. Carlos Edurado – 2 years
  5. Anthony Gallegos – 2 years
  6. Jackie Beltran – 2 years
  7. Katrina Oscal – 2 years