Amazon Sales Optimization

“The latest eMarketer forecast shows that Amazon continues to set the pace for US retail e-commerce and will account for more than 80% of the overall market’s expected growth this year.”

Business Strategy

  • Analysis and development of strategies for sales revenue growth
  • Product presentation
    • Packaging options
    • Special offers
  • Content development
  • Pricing
  • Event and promotion execution
  • Fulfillment
    • 1P / 3P / FBA analysis

Product Set-up & Activation

  • Update, edit or create new assets for SEO optimization
    • Content development including copy, images, video
    • Digital Product and Asset database management
  • Product set-up Support
    • Images
    • SEO Optimized copy and content development
      • Product descriptions and bullets
      • Vine / A+ page design and deployment
  • Customized brand page design and deployment
  • Regular product, image and data updates
  • Merchandising recommendations for cross-category selling

Sales Optimization

  • Buy box monitoring and management
  • Advice and development of strategies for sales revenue growth
  • Pricing analysis and competitive assessment
  • Events and promotions planning
  • Marketplace activity plan for positive ROI
    • On site sponsorships, ads, features
    • Events / special occasion marketing calendar
  • Product review monitoring and response management
  • Pricing monitoring
  • Unauthorized seller monitoring and mitigation


  • Logistics strategy
  • Warehousing
  • Pick/pack/ship
  • Fast, reliable national coverage
  • Bundling / special pack