One of the most talked about functional ingredients in recent years is CBD (cannabidiol) touting to help with anxiety, sleep, and pain.  CBD functional ingredient products are still on a strong growth trend with the Natural Positioned group seeing the most variance dollars.  Specialty & Wellness Positioned items come next in variance dollars along with the highest growth rate.  Meanwhile, Conventional Positioned items follow with variance dollars and growth.  See chart below:

CBD functional ingredient items are seen across many categories.   Also, there were 76 new items in the latest 24 weeks, reflecting the innovative trend of CBD.  Reflecting CBD functional ingredient items, the Body Care group has the largest variance dollars ($12M) and growth rate.  Following with variance dollars is Vitamins & Minerals and Grocery; each having strong growth.  CBD functional ingredient products are also available for our furry friends with the Pet group having the second highest growth rate.  Not all products with CBD are a given for performance, however, as Herbs & Homeopathic have declines.  See chart below:

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