Is Your Amazon Business at Risk?

We want to make sure you’ve been alerted to a significant strategic change at Amazon that could cost your company revenues and profits if you’re unprepared. Amazon, without any announcement, has stopped placing purchase orders and buying directly from many companies who rely on the Vendor Central wholesale model.   Those sellers who did receive notice were given no reason for the cancellation or expectation for future orders. If you sell through the Vendor Central wholesale model, it’s important to assess your business immediately.

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Impact Group Can Help

Effectively setting up your products through the Seller Central FBA model takes time and expertise. Make sure your revenue stream is protected – don’t be caught without products for sale on Amazon!

  • Impact Group will move your sales to Seller Central / FBA / the Amazon Marketplace
  • We offer full support for all of your Amazon selling needs

Contact eCommerce VP Meg Armstrong to learn more:      208-472-1341