The Impact Group Retail Merchandising Team has strong store level relationships with both corporate and regional retailers, achieving an even mix of products placed in large chains and smaller independent stores. Our Retail Merchandising Team provides a myriad of services that offer another level of sales support for your brand like:

  • On-shelf continuity coverage
  • Custom surveys
  • Sales allocations
  • IRC application
  • Divisional programs and opportunities
  • Reset services and capabilities


We accelerate communication and response gathering by leveraging unique and proprietary technology. We pride ourselves on the fact that we continue to invest in our retail merchandising teams and see them as the lynchpin to your success. Our team of over 400 retail reps cover all conventional grocery, natural food stores and mass merchandisers on a set schedule. Some of our highest volume stores are covered up to two times per month. We use technology to “fish where the fish are” meaning we are efficient and quick to fix problems with a primary focus on maximizing percentage ACV of your product.  Keeping your items on the shelf and in-stock!

iris – (Impact Retail Information Systems) iris is our proprietary retail management software. Designed by us, written by us, updated by us. Why? We know retail!

  • Gives us the ability to set individual objectives by client brand by chain by store.
  • Provides real time feedback of store level activity, pricing, display, competitive activity, etc.
  • Tracks the date and time of the visit and the amount of time the representative spends in the store.
  • Retail Associates have client objectives for every store call and ensure the objectives for that store have been met before they leave.
  • Route Track Management enables most efficient routing to maximize time management and productivity.
  • Sales Managers can view Sales Representative’s routes and all of their activities in real time.
  • GPS location is tracked at the time of response with the ability to attach a picture to any response.
  • Response level alerts can be toggled to notify sales and retail management of store-level issues.