Here at Impact Group, we pride ourselves on our strategic investments in technological infrastructure for the CPG industry. This makes us more accessible, more efficient and more accountable. It’s our goal to provide software solutions to you, making your brand management easy and painless.


In addition, our ability to store data and analytical information gives you the results and resolutions you need, when you need them most. We bring CPG industry insight and advanced technology to the table so you can rest easy knowing your brand is in the right hands.

Impact Group’s proprietary retail analytics platform allows our clients to create and define objectives, while a dedicated retail team of professionals monitors your representation in stores and on shelves. Through our advanced technology, Impact Group provides real-time results and detailed information that help to better inform our clients while driving business growth and decision-making.

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PinnSights delivers information and insights-centric solutions to the retail industry. The information and insights are delivered through a technology platform that houses, analyzes and mines data and provides a user interface to multiple data sources that drive decision-making in a retail environment.

Here are some of the benefits you receive as a PinnSights client:

  • Tool merges syndicated data, retail hierarchy and scans data together
  • Ability to increase sales, retailer face-time, efficiencies, and turns while decreasing cost and inventory
  • Point of difference with customer IE. added value vs. competition allowing more informed decisions at retail, ability to utilize in pursuit of new clients, approach to new categories
  • Experienced analytical team and online collaboration
  • Proactive reporting and intuitive data analysis with interactive charts
  • Key partnerships that give you an inside track to the retail industry