Our goal is to provide data-driven insights to our clients and sales team regarding the performance of their brands, items, and the categories they play in. Impact Group software solutions help make your brand management easy and painless.


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Our ability to store data and analytical information gives you the results and resolutions you need, when you need them most.

Impact Group can:

  • Analyze the competitive landscape of your brand by identifying major players in the category, their item offering, distribution, and promotional strategy effectiveness.
  • Tell you how your brand is doing compared to other brands and items in the category, based on item selection, distribution, and promotional effectiveness.
  • Project sales for new item distribution and future promotions.
  • Turn raw data into customized, user-friendly reports.
  • Access 66 retailers, allowing us to dig into 165 division level markets across the United States.


Our tools put to use:

A client was looking for new packaging options and turned to our analytics team to research what other brands used. Our team found 98% of brands use a cardboard box.

There are two small segments that had growing trends:

  • Cardboard canisters
  • Glass or plastic jars


We discovered 42% of brands have a 20 count item. The size group with the highest growth rate is 16 count.

Pinnsights Online Analytics

PinnSights delivers information and insights-centric solutions to the retail industry. The information is delivered through a technology platform that houses, analyzes and mines data and provides a user interface to multiple data sources that drive decision-making in a retail environment.

As a PinnSights client you have access to:

  • A tool that merges syndicated POS scan data & custom category hierarchies together.
  • The ability to increase sales, retailer face-time, efficiencies, and turns while decreasing cost and inventory.
  • An experienced analytical team and online collaboration.
  • Proactive reporting and intuitive data analysis with interactive charts.
  • Key partnerships that give you an inside track to the retail industry.