Impact Group works across CPG categories and we pride ourselves on our diversified portfolio.  Our diversification provides for collaboration across categories; our expertise and capacity provides for access, influence, and leadership.

It’s our job to provide you with best-in-class grocery broker services and capabilities, and we aim to do just that.


We use our strategic know-how to partner with you, our clients – and your customers – to nurture and grow the symbiotic relationship between brands and retailers. Our strategic alignment with retailers and our embedded resources foster an environment of true partnership. With our sales expertise, your brands and business plans become a reality, and our impeccable implementation gets you the results you need.

Impact Group provides best in class solutions including:

  • Category review
  • Coordinated sales plans
  • Promotional events
  • Sales reporting
  • Comprehensive retailer-specific Marketing Plan
  • Special events/divisional events
  • Procurement/logistic solutions
  • Projections/forecasting
  • Item authorization/sourcing


We help with deduction processing, price changes, new item data entry, item maintenance forms, change forms, tradepoint, and order processing to help further your brand, promote your product and enhance your data and insights.