A sizable portion of the buildup in trade receivables can be attributed to the growth of unresolved customer deductions and invoice disputes; and these claims are taking too long to investigate, process and collect. If your company sells its products to mass merchants, grocery stores, the government, drug stores, department stores – or just about any type of retailer – you have deduction problems. Let’s face it, customer deductions are a part of doing business in this industry. Our job is to minimize the impact of deductions on our clients’ bottom line by managing the process from end to end to Purchase Order (PO) to Payment.  Ensuring the accuracy of a submitted PO up front and the seamlessness integration of our Customer Service Team and our Deductions Management Team has allowed our team to win numerous “best in class” awards throughout the industry. With an average of 21 years’ experience, our deduction professionals know “Best Practices” of how to maximize our client’s margins and minimize waste when it comes to retail partner deductions and chargebacks.

We work closely with our clients’ customer service/order processing team to unsure unauthorized allowances are not taken when PO’s are submitted. When this occurs, we have direct contact with the customer PO processing team to contact them to resubmit a corrected PO. By closely monitoring what you, the client, have agreed to with the customer we eliminate the problem before it becomes a deduction. Our team has vast experience in multiple deduction software programs including but not limited to: Demantra, Carixa, Siebel, Blue Planner, SalesForce, DemandTec, Microsoft CRM just to mention a few.

The Impact Group Deductions department provides:

  • Deep understanding of each retail customers deduction process
  • The role distributors such as UNFI, KeHE, SuperValu, etc. play in the deduction process
  • Dedicated claims analyst that focuses on the client
  • Maintains an impressive timeliness rate (.05% – 45 days) of all related deductions
  • Portal management for matching back-up claim documentation
  • Client Manager sign-off based off market strategy
  • Claims management through our clients’ AP process
  • Tracking tool for accuracy of deduction origination and resolution.


You can count on us to fight unauthorized deductions so you keep the profits you’ve earned!