Carl Pennington
President and Chief Executive Officer

Carl is Focused– in the face of a challenge, Carl finds opportunity for creative leadership and growth. His passion and drive are two qualities that have allowed him to actively build and grow a very successful company while raising four children and coaching many of their teams alongside work. Simply put, Carl does not quit. He is a true entrepreneur with innovative ideas that create excitement and momentum amongst his team. He surrounds himself with associates that have expertise and interests outside of his own and thrives on the collaboration that results from different approaches to the same goal. Carl makes sure that he knows the faces of the Impact Group organization and takes time to connect with our associates, always encouraging them to put family first. In a fast-paced environment with rapid growth, his genuine and personal management style creates motivation and productivity within our team. Carl is constantly cultivating a forward-thinking workplace culture to lead Impact Group through a future of organic growth and acquisition expansion.

Carl finds great peace surrounded by family and friends while boating on the lake, chilling at the beach and listening to great music in the background. Carl’s inquisitive and energetic personality also leads him to take traveling adventures around the world that include hunting and bungee jumping.

Kip Gruell
President of Sales

When reading over Kip’s resume and accomplishments, words you will consistently find are “guide”, “lead” and “execute”. He is a passionate leader of people and organizations, specifically in the food and drug industries. He loves to collaborate with all functions of the business to find creative ways to meet the needs of the team and customer. With 30 years of experience he has become an expert in the industry. He has held several roles at Albertsons Companies and most recently he served as a Principal at the Radian Group focusing on Business Development and Client Strategy Development.

Kip is a family man, spending most of his free time traveling or simply grilling out in the back yard with them. If someone could pry Kip away from the food industry, you would find him on the sidelines of a college football game (preferably Boise State), leading them to victory.

Todd Weible
Chief Information Officer

Todd Weible is a (calculated) risk-taker, both in and out of the office. He’s far from careless though—he just loves the excitement that comes from growth opportunities and making difficult decisions with sometimes incomplete information. While he now serves as the Chief Information Officer, Todd’s many roles at Impact show the same adaptability he believes is crucial to working with intergenerational teams within the company. As a former R&D engineer for Hewlett-Packard and driving force behind PinnSights and IRIS, he is a lifelong learner who values authenticity in relationships.

Were it not for Impact Group, Todd would find happiness as an investment banker, lawyer, or professional gambler—three professions he believes embody the idea of making calculated risks that pursue the highest likelihood of a positive outcome.

Steve Shoemaker
Chief Financial Officer

Steve is a finance executive with extensive experience in fiscal management and business operations. His impressive work history includes the chance to say “I’m Lovin’ It” at McDonalds, enjoy “The Happiest Place on Earth” at The Walt Disney Company, and spend time “Where pets are family” at PetSmart. Steve has been working in the grocery industry since 2014, first as CFO for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and then as CFO for Suntree Snack Foods. For Impact Group, Steve uses his expertise to develop and implement strategies to continue the profitable growth of the company.

Born just two weeks apart in the same hospital and being high school sweethearts, Steve and his wife were destined to be together. Outside of work, Steve enjoys all things outdoors - running, biking, hiking, and skiing. Steve’s other passion is music. He listens to everything from contemporary jazz (especially guitar) to music from the early 70s. If you’re ever in need of new music suggestions, Steve’s your guy. He also enjoys discovering new music, so don’t forget to return the favor.

Sandi Gonzales
Vice President of Marketing

Sandi Gonzales loves the grocery industry so much that she can’t imagine working anywhere else. Her love of hunting and fishing are perhaps a natural extension of the same instincts that drive her passion for grocery—the pursuit of nourishment in all its forms. As the Vice President of Marketing at Impact Group, Sandi works to develop coworkers and clients, something she has continued since her time with Albertsons and Supervalu, which amounts to 17 years. She’s excited to work with clients and associates to ensure we execute effectively within all trade-related shopper card, social media and mega-merchandising events.

Sandi moved back to Idaho in 2016, where she’s happy to be supporting Impact Group in closer proximity to her family.

Glen Scott
Vice President of Human Resources

Glen Scott could have been an Oscar winner (he once auditioned for a role in a movie), but instead dedicates his time as the Vice President of Human Resources at Impact Group. After many years in transportation and shipping and wireless retail, Glen landed at Impact Group because of his passion for creating an organizational culture that allows individuals to align personal goals and values with an organization in the name of extraordinary outcomes.

When he’s not at work, you may find Glen on his motorcycle, penning the great American novel (hopefully not at the same time) or speaking on organizational performance and workplace learning at Boise State University, where he is an adjunct professor.