Impact Group is a dynamic and growing leading grocery broker in the CPG industry. With multiple locations and teams situated strategically across the United States, we provide food broker representation for thousands of products from a wide array of remarkable CPG industry brands.

Our history is a distinctive story of consistent growth and development. From the time Claude See founded Impact Sales, Inc. in 1994 to the present day, we have continued to add breadth and depth to our services. Throughout the years Impact Group has partnered with and acquired companies that have not only enabled us to expand what we offer our clients but that also share our values and our absolute dedication to making all our clients’ products successful.


We don’t just service our clients, we commit to them. We are the voice that connects the CPG client with the customer (retail partner) and strategically facilitates the relationship to promote profit and prosperity for all. Our management team brings years of experience and expertise and our dedicated associates are the “feet on the street” – and none of us rest until our clients succeed.

No one compares to Impact Group when it comes to our far reach and versatility in representing the CPG market. We not only cover more channels, we strive to be the most creative and comprehensive company within each channel. We build lasting relationships with our clients and take on their goals as our own, using a personalized, collaborative approach.

We are an organization driven by people and relationships, but also intensely devoted to research and fact-based decisions, reached by utilizing leading edge industry technology and data management. We apply these resources consistently and effectively for our clients, and are always proactively seeking new technology to keep our partners “ahead of the game.”

Integrity, ethics, transparency and passion are our foundation. We strongly believe that actions speak much louder than words, and we strive to embody these values in each and every interaction. We deliver on our promises and our clients know they can depend on us.

Our strength and momentum propel us forward every day in service of our core mission of being recognized as the most focused and innovative Sales and Marketing Agency. We work in the trenches with our clients to propel their missions forward as well.

This is why Impact Group stands apart.